Southern Snow ® Mixing Supplies

  1. SPIGOT WITH BARB receives a ½" ID, ⅝" OD clear plastic hose. Mounting the spigots into 11/16" to ¾" holes drilled in a clear plastic sheet will provide the best display. See the STANDARD SPIGOT description to discover the advantages of the OPTIONAL SELF CLOSING HANDLE.

    CLEAR PLASTIC SHEET 24” x 36” x 3/16" thick is used for mounting the spigot with barb.

Spigot With Bard

  1. PLASTIC HOSE FITTING ASSEMBLY requires a 1" whole to adapt ½" ID, D clear plastic hose to the remote syrup tank.

  2. REMOTE SYRUP TANK sizes are 1 ½ gallon, 2 gallon and 5 gallon.


Dispensing System

  1. PLASTIC QUART CYLINDERS are sometimes used with pourers as syrup dispensers. The advantage is plastic does not break when dropped. The disadvantage is the quarts do not clean as easy or look as attractive as the fifth glass bottles. Cap included is size 28 mm/400.

  2. PLASTIC GALLON JUGS are used to store simple syrup and flavored syrup. A gallon jug for a particular flavor should be used subsequent times for only that flavor. Thus, a possible crossover of flavors will be prevented. Cap included is size 38 mm/400.

Plastic Jugs

  1. POLYTOP is size 28mm/400 and is not vented. Polytop is designed for use with containers that can be squeezed such as plastic quart cylinders.


  1. FUNNEL SET has three dome shaped funnels. The 3 ¾” size funnel is used to put a dome top on most size snowballs. The 2 3/8" size funnel can be used to put a small point on snowballs by having the funnel rim pressed below the top of the cup. Use scissors to cut the hanging bracket off the 2 3/8" size funnel. A 4 ½" diameter dome shaped funnel is also available.

Funnel Set

  1. GALLON JUG BRUSH is for small neck gallon jugs.

Gallon Jug Brush

  1. POURER BRUSH cleans all holes in all pourers. The brush can also be used to clean the hollow handle of gallon jugs.

Pourer Brush

  1. FIFTH GLASS BOTTLE BRUSH reaches all points of a fifth glass bottle. The brush will not return from the plastic quart cylinder.

Fifth Bottle Brush

  1. TEST PAPER reaches all points of a fifth glass bottle. The brush will not return from the plastic quart cylinder.

Test Paper

  1. SPATULA is used to clear the snow spout of the Southern Snow Machine. Turn the machine off and allow to stop before clearing the snow spout with either end of the spatula. Keep fingers out the spout at all times.

  2. ICE PICK is used for scoring and splitting ice.

  3. SIX PRONG ICE PICK is used for flattening uneven blocks.

Test Paper

  1. 2 OUNCE MEASURING BEAKER easily measures the 25 milliliters (four-fifths of an ounce) of flavor concentrate required for one fifth bottle of syrup.

  2. 5 OUNCE MEASURING BEAKER easily measures the 4 ounces of flavor concentrate required for one gallon of syrup.

  3. 8 OUNCE MEASURING BEAKER is convenient for larger batches.

Test Paper

Supplies Information

Southern Snow ships 99% of orders complete with no back orders, within 24 hours of order placement. For best results placing your order, we suggest you call us Toll free at 1-800-393-8933 (our local phone number is 504-393-8967).