Fujimarca MC-709SE V2 Block Ice Shaver
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MC-709SE V2 Block Ice Shaver

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Fujimarca MC-709SE V2 Block Ice Shaver
  • Produces "fine" quality Hawaiian style shave ice.
  • Used by popular shave ice stores in Hawaii such as Matsumotos, Aokis, Baldwins, Shimazu, Scandinavians, Hawaiian Blizzard Shave Ice, Jojos Shave Ice, and much more!
  • True work horse. Heavy duty industrial motor mounted on a cast iron body will help you serve thousands of shave ice before any maintainence is required.
  • Easy to replace parts.
  • Maintainence free design.
  • Machine is not NSF approved. Please visit our Hatsuyuki and Swan machines for NSF approval machines.
  • We carry all the parts and have all the knowledge required for operating these machines. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Specs: L x W x H : 46*33*76 (cm)   1/4 hp motor   4 amps    87 pounds