Snow Ball Business Information


You can earn twelve month's income in six months time and make history in your town with this unique high profit business for less than a $2,500.00 investment! You will be providing an easily affordable high quality treat... fluffy snow confection that comes in a kaleidoscope of exciting colors and 180 flavors that are the envy of better ice cream parlors everywhere!

The first snow ball machine was invented and patented by Ernest Hansen in 1934. Over 70 years of research and technology has gone into the development of the current model Southern Snow Machine. Unlike the chipped ice of a sno cone, the Southern Snow Machine shaves ice to a fine fluffy perfection that rivals nature's own. This fluffy snow captures the rich flavors as well as your repeat customers.

For an investment of less than $2,500.00 you will receive:

  • Southern Snow Machine---the finest state of the art block ice shaver available.
  • Quality flavors that make the difference between capturing a new market or sharing an old one.
  • Expert support system guiding you to your success.

Share in the success of this proven business. This is your ticket to financial freedom! Take advantage of our decades of research and practical experience.

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