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Comprehensive Packages 1 and 2
Comprehensive Packages 1 & 2
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Specialized Packages
Specialized Packages

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Based on our decades of experience helping entrepreneurs get started into the business, the volume pricing options presented here are ideal for those that need to place an initial order to start their new snow ball / snow cone / shaved ice business.

The Southern Snow product catalog has many accessories such as signs and dispensers that are not listed in these packages. If you want to order only some of the items in one of our packages or items that are not listed in the packages below, there is no need to overload on supplies. Simply refer to our Individual Prices.

Southern Snow ships 99% of orders complete with no back orders, within 24 hours of order placement. For best results placing your order, we suggest you call us Toll free at 1-800-393-8933 (our local phone number is 504-393-8967).

NOTE: The primary difference between Packages 1 & 2 is that Package #2 includes the SNO-BLOCK ice block maker. The SNO-BLOCK ice maker offers an obvious advantage because it allows YOU to produce your own, cost efficient ice. This self sufficiency for your snow ball operation should not be overlooked.

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