HC-8E Cube Ice Shaver

Enjoy large profit margins from only a small amount of space. Not only is each unit compact in size, but easily installed and very simple to operate. Hatsuyuki's unique blade adjustment control gives you a choice in the ice texture. From coarse and grainy to light as fresh fallen snow.

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Want to make shaved ice at a remote location without an outside power source? Try the HC-8E DC. Designed at the request of Southern Snow™, this version of the HC-8E runs on a 12 volt deep cycle battery. It's ideal for use in a trailer, at a county fair, baseball park or soccer field where power lines are no where to be found.

Buy the HC-8E DC for just $1995.00!!!


Hatsuyuki HC-8E

What you get when you buy a Hatsayuki from Southern Snow™


Cube ice shaver specifications
HC8E Exploded Views & Parts Lists (click to enlarge)

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Additional snow cone machine prices

About the only thing the Southern Snow Machine does not do is make ice, which is why we offer SNO-BLOCK, the Ice Block Machine (CLICK HERE).  

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