SOUTHERN SNOW ® Machine Operating Instructions

Southern Snow Shaved Ice Machine

Operating Instuctions:
(For all Southern Snow ® 12 Volt, 110 Volt & 220 Volt Machines)

First install the machine as presented in the "Installation Instructions".


  1. Procure approximate 12 1/2 pound blocks of ice as presented on the " Ice Data Sheet ".

  2. Open the machine door.

  3. Turn the ice throttle lever to the 12 o'clock position.

  4. Push the ratchet bar as far as it will go out of the machine.

  5. Raise the ice vice by turning the ice vice hand wheel to a point where a block of ice can fit under it.

  6. Load the machine with a block of ice.

  7. Put the flat side of the ice on the bottom so that the rails can secure the ice and avoid side-to-side movement of the ice block.

  8. Place the higher end of the ice block toward the cutting head. This will stop the ice vice from forcing the ice away from the cutting ehad while changing positions with the ice throttle lever.

  9. Push the ice toward the cutting head with the ice throttle lever by pushing down from the 8 o'clock to the 6 o'clock position.

  10. Lower the ice vice with the ice vice hand wheel to a point where the ice vice has a light pressure on the ice block.

  11. Close the door. The machine is now properly loaded with ice.


  1. Turn the machine on and press down on the ice throttle lever from the 8 o'clock position. Water will come from the snow spout for about 20 seconds while the cutting head is warm. The water will be followed by snow. The ice throttle lever will stop at approximately the 6 o'clock position.

  2. Move the ice throttle lever clockwise to the 8 o'clock position and push down. Releasing the pressure on the ice throttle lever will stop the snow flow. When the ice throttle lever can no longer be pushed down from the 8 o'clock position, the machine is out of ice.

  3. Turn the machine off and remove the remaining ice with an ice pick. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE REMAINING ICE WHILE THE MACHINE IS RUNNING. If there are any problems refer to the manual section titled "Machine Operation Problems, Probable Cause and Remedies".