Free With The Purchase of Your Hatsayuki Machine
From Southern Snow ®

Six quarts of the best flavor concentrates available. Each quart will yield a total quantity of 250 servings (12 oz. cups) of shaved ice syrup. The top selling six flavors (Strawberry, Bubblegum-Blue, Grape, Ice Cream, Peach & Sour Apple) will be sent. Quarts sell for $9.00 each.
Total value $54.00

Six plastic quart syrup dispenser bottles including caps, pourers and nite caps.
Value $10.00

Foot petal. All Hatsuyuki ice shavers require a foot petal to prevent excessive switch wear and speed production by allowing necessary hands-free operation.
Value $35.00

Instructions to prepare simple syrup, flavored syrup, cream flavors, tart flavors, toppings, sugar free flavors and snowshakes.

2 oz & 5 oz measuring beakers to measure flavor concentrates.
Value $1.50

Funnel set sometimes used to shape the top of shaved ice products.
Value $2.50

Bottle brush to clean narrow neck dispenser bottles.
Value $3.75

Total Value of Freebies $110.25


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